Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Faulty Logic - HF Style

This is what the Heritage foundations says.

An administration truly committed to “change” ought to consider this option: bankruptcy.

It’s not the end of the industry, but a new beginning.

Here’s why:

  • First, it’s really not so radical, in terms of magnitude.

  • Yes, shareholders would stand to lose out, but with GM’s current market capitalization of just $2.5 billion, they wouldn’t lose much. Apple, by comparison, is worth $87 billion.

  • *** I guess we will start using the argument
  • that is comparing - Apples to GM
  • BS

  • Second, reorganization would put the automakers on a sustainable course. Key are labor costs:

  • Gold-plated salaries and benefits packages for union workers mean the automakers lose a bundle on most cars sold.

WHO gets the REAL Gold-plated salaries and benefits packages ?

Workers or Executives?
Answer = Exec...

  • There’s no incentive to renegotiate when government dollars to pay those contracts are a real possibility. With a bankruptcy judge’s approval, collective bargaining agreements can be reformed to fit economic realities.

  • Third, bankruptcy is the only way to restore innovation to the U.S. auto industry. In the end,
  • the automakers make money by producing vehicles that consumers want.
  • *** But Detroit wants to TELL
  • and advertise
  • what Detroit

  • But any government money is sure to come with strings attached.

  • Pelosi, for example, said the government would exact a “recoupment” for any investment of taxpayer funds — specifically, a say in what kinds of cars it produces.
  • *** THAT is BS

  • That’s a recipe for certain failure and future bailouts. Bankruptcy, in contrast, strips a company down to its valuable assets and then sets to putting those assets to work in the marketplace. Whether it works or not, it’s the best chance for success.
***HF starts off telling Detroit what to do,
and then they end it wirh -

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some wonder - How can Anything, be Anything, if it can NOT be defined?
How can Conservative, be Conservative, if it can NOT be defined?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Todays HATE from The Heritage Foundation

The Foundry

Morning Bell: Yes Politico, There Is a ‘Pelosi Premium’

Considering their recent fumbles, no one can rightly accuse House Republicans of being marketing geniuses. But the campaign they launched last month, the “Pelosi Premium,” highlighting how

Democrat energy policy drives up the cost gasoline,

is dead on.

Covering congressional energy policy, the Politico dismissively writes of the GOP slogan today: “as if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) personally sets the price of gas at every filling station across the land.” The Politico may have reporters with great Washington contacts, but the newspaper needs to send its reporters back to school for some basic economics courses. No, Pelosi does not personally set the price of gas in her office every morning.

But everything she (Pelosi) has done through policy since taking office has raised the price of gas at the pump.

Anybody who passed Economics 101 will tell you that a decrease in supply of a commodity will increase its price.

Liberals have been restricting our national supply of oil for decades, a practice only increased under Pelosi.

In 1995 Democrats began limiting oil production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

In 2006, they extended the ban to the Outer Continental Shelf.

Quick Hits:

Have YOU heard BuSh ask Big Oil to Share our pain at the pump?




C's LOVE labels.

Hillary MUST be elected if Demo's are this powerful.

The Demo's?
All Alone?

MORE Teacher Union HATE

But, nobody can say -
HOW to measure Teachers Performance.

HF is AGAINST enforcing Immigration LAWS?

5-23-08 "Nationalizing the country’s oil industry, like Hugo Chavez has done, would be an economic disaster. Instituting a windfall oil profits tax, like Hugo Chavez has done, would also be a economic disaster."If Record Gasoline is not a - "economic disaster".

I wonder WHAT IS.

When Cs want to call someone a SOB they call them a "liberal"
There are ONLY 2 kind of people - Those that BRAG about being a Conservative,
and the REST of us.

Ronald Regan said - Think of ALL of the GOOD
that could be Done if
it didn't matter WHO got credit for it.

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Public Schools
Interstate Hwy System and Federal Hwys
Immigration Laws
HFoundation LOVES
HIgh Gasoline Prices
The War in Iraq
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